Pelvic Health & Yoga: An Overview of Our July Programs

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This month, Accessible Yoga’s monthly programming focuses on yoga and pelvic health. Featuring presenters who specialize in caring for the pelvic floor and surrounding structures, these programs are designed for anyone curious about pelvic anatomy and wellness. Throughout this month's events we will explore whole-body approaches to pelvic health, pre- and post-natal considerations, overcoming stigma and shame around pelvic floor issues, the relationship between back pain and the pelvic floor, gender-affirming pelvic health care, and more!
First up, Swaati Mehra-Ramcharan will lead a workshop for yoga teachers exploring foundations of pelvic and core health. Next, Avery Janeczek Kalapa will offer an asana class that uses a non-binary framework in approaching yoga for the pelvic floor. We'll close our programs for the month with a community forum featuring Larissa Parson, Megan Peterson, and Khim Ong, hosted by Tristan Katz.
Below you will find more details about each event and our lineup of presenters for the month! You'll also find the direct links to register for these programs.
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June 2022 Programs: Pelvic Health & Yoga


Foundations of Pelvic & Core Health for Yoga Teachers

A Workshop with Swaati Mehra-Ramcharan

Friday, July 15th, 2022

9-10:30 am PST (Los Angeles)
12-1:30 pm EST (New York)

Closed captions & replay available for registrants.

98% of people with lower back pain have pelvic floor issues.

Learn the foundations of pelvic health and what you can explore, teach and look out for as yoga teachers and fellow humans through this Workshop with Swaati Mehra-Ramcharan. We will explore pelvic health, the pelvic floor and 'core' health by learning anatomy, self exploration and unlearning common myths and stories we have been told.

Swaati will also discuss the functions and importance of our pelvic health and common pelvic health issues to be aware of for yourself and your students.

If you are aware of breathwork, you are already on the way to enhancing your pelvic health! Together we’ll dig into the importance of breathwork to your pelvic health, and also try a few breathing exercises.

By learning about and exploring pelvic health, we can serve our communities better by empowering them with information, and inspiring them to find their voices in their health journey without carrying the stigma and shame of pelvic health issues.

Anyone practicing yoga with a pelvis can benefit from this workshop.

Recommended props: blocks, bolster (or a few pillows) and blanket


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Yoga for Your Pelvic Floor - Embodied Integration through a Nonbinary Framework

An Asana Class with Avery Janeczek Kalapa

Thursday, July 21st, 2022

11 am-12 pm Pacific (Los Angeles)
2-3 pm Eastern (New York)

Closed captions & replay available for registrants.


This is a warm invitation to explore some courageous, empowering sensing, feeling, breathing and healing focused on the special world of your inner pelvis.

Learn an innovative framework, some cool anatomy, and release, strengthen and bring somatic awareness to your pelvic floor. Explore the pelvis in a non-binary, gender affirming way.

Part anatomy lesson, part experiential asana class, nonbinary trans Iyengar Yoga teacher and Certified Pelvic Floor specialist Avery Kalapa will help you be in a healthier relationship with of your pelvic floor.

Through exploring specific actions and structural alignment through Iyengar yoga, you’ll learn some simple practices to support pelvic health, including good circulation, movement, relaxation, and stability.

Embodied integration though yogasana affects every layer, or kosha, of our being: These care centering practices can nurture healing on mental, psychic, emotional and energetic levels, too. The inner pelvis is powerhouse of vitality!

This class is all levels, and will include a brief Q&A at the end.

Recommended props: If possible, have a chair, belt (or scarf), blocks (or books), and some blankets and/or throw pillows/towels handy.


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Community Forum: Pelvic Health & Yoga

A Panel Discussion and Mixer Featuring Larissa Parson, Megan Peterson & Khim Ong, hosted by Tristan Katz

Monday, July 25th, 2022

3-5 pm PST (Los Angeles)
6-8 pm EST (New York)

Closed captions & replay available for registrants.

This month, join experienced accessible yoga teachers Larissa Parson, Khim Ong, and Megan Peterson, along with host Tristan Katz, for a Community Forum discussing yoga and pelvic health. Presenters will share their experience and expertise on the topic, discussing whole-body approaches to pelvic health, the importance of shame-free spaces to explore pelvic wellness, how yoga teachers can effectively cue pelvic floor activation in classes, pre- and post-natal considerations, how we can support queer and trans communities in the realm of pelvic health, and more.

The panel discussion will last 90 minutes, including some time for audience questions. Participants are invited to stick around after the panel concludes for a 30-minute social mixer and networking session, with the option to share their own experiences and meet other community members whose work centers pelvic health & yoga.


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