October 14-17, 2021

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We are embracing change & co-visioning a yoga community based in ethics and equity.

Join us for our biggest event of the year, our annual Accessible Yoga Conference Online, October 14-17, 2021. The theme for this year’s conference is Elevating Voices, Embracing Change. We’re thrilled to platform an incredibly diverse group of over fifty presenters who will be sharing their wisdom and experience in making yoga accessible and equitable. We’re elevating the voices of teachers and practitioners who are often under-estimated and marginalized in yoga spaces. This is part of the change we’re embracing - a new vision of a yoga community based on ethics and equity. A community that is founded on care and compassion, with space for everyone to join in. 

Featuring Keynotes From:

Indu Arora

Colin Lieu

Reggie Hubbard

Tracee Stanley

Jacoby Ballard

Jivana Heyman

October 14th

Rebuilding and Reimagining a Whole Self and Community

A Pre-Conference Intensive with the Race & Equity in Yoga Consortium

Amina Naru, Colin Lieu, Michelle Cassandra Johnson, Lakshmi Nair and Dr. Terry Harris return for a pre-conference intensive that offers participants an opportunity to reflect on and challenge the ideas around race and equity in yoga. As a whole group and in affinity spaces, we interrogate the impact of whiteness in yoga spaces -- increasingly a platform that has become part of a tradition, practice and language Black, Indigenous and people of color use to reinforce and define self-identity and community. At a time when the fear, exhaustion and constant grief of Black, Indigenous and People of Color people are on public display more than ever, we explore different ways self-care and self-resourcing can encourage a sense of release and empowerment. This pre-conference intensive is just one step towards rebuilding and maintaining a sense of wholeness in a world of loss and damaged hope.

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Additional workshops and practices with:

Shanna Small

Tristan Katz

Natalia Tabilo

Jesal Parikh

Hien Hong

Melissa Shah

Arpita Roy

Mx. Puja Singh

Patrice Priya Wagner

Rajni Tripathi

Shailla Vaidya

Rebby Kern

Mary-Jo Fetterly

Oneika Mays

Shannon Kaneshige

Linda Natera

Evan Soroka

Pooja Virani

Chara Caruthers

Danny Fluker

Anjali Sunita

Lekisha Middleton

..and more!


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October 2021 Online Conference

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