Tired of being bombarded with marketing telling us that 2023 will be our best year ever? Or that we have to “hustle” to achieve our goals?

How about some sustainable self-care in 2023, instead?

Rather than a challenge to push yourself to extremes, how about an unchallenge? Something focused on sustainability and accessibility ahead of meeting an imposed ideal.

Sounds good?

Join us for the Accessible Yoga UNchallenge!

Our AY UNchallenge was officially held as a fundraiser event in January 2023, however, it's not too late to join! Our 15 days of UNchallenge practices are now available to begin on your own timeline, so that you can:

  • Get yourself moving and engaging in a range of different ways to practice yoga with daily, short videos
  • Start something accessible and sustainable that you could actually continue doing in 2023 (or not, no pressure!)
  • AND support our on-profit with your donation to continue to ensure that yoga is accessible to people from all walks of life 

Are you in?

Sign up for the UNchallenge today and receive your first of 15 days of practices in your inbox right away! 

*We'll also have a special offer waiting for you at the end of your 15 days!

Make a one-time donation to our Accessible Yoga Association via one of the buttons below to get started!
$7.50 USD
(0.50c per practice)
$15 USD
($1 per practice)
$30 USD
($2 per practice*)

*option to name your price if you have the means to make a larger donation to our 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to help support scholarships, scholars fund grants and programming. All donations are tax-deductible.