Women, Gender and Yoga History with Anjali Rao

Season #5

Are there women and non binary practitioners and teachers in yoga history? And if they are a part of yoga history, why dont we know of them? And if they are not a part of history, why not?

In this episode celebrating Women’s History Month, Anjali shares the complex history of women, femme and gender expansive folks in yoga history. This is a vast topic, so she delves into the following:

  1. Four big reasons why there is a paucity of information on ancient femme and women in yoga
  2. The necessity of understanding the expansiveness of yoga and the fluidity of gender
  3. Highlights of yoga history as it relates to specific yoga traditions and gender
  4. Her own story of why she got interested in the topic

Want to learn more? Join Anjali, Tristan Katz, and other special guests for YOGA + GENDER: Solidarity as a Practice for Collective Transformation each Thursday May 9th - 30th from 10AM-12PM PST.

This 4 week comprehensive series delves into the dynamics of gender in yoga, through history to the present moment. We will explore yoga history as it relates to ancient women, femme, and gender expansive folks through various mediums such as literature, art, and poetry. This inquiry will inform an exploration of the modern yoga context and best practices to cultivate liberation-oriented spaces. We will look at ways in which we practice cross sectional solidarity, and build authentic relationships across differences for collective transformation.

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