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Healing Justice Lineages with Erica Woodland

Season #5

“Are we doing the things that we need to do to co-regulate and to self- regulate so that we can be as strategic as possible and so that we can also not take each other out in the process of getting free?”

Erica Woodland (he/him) is a facilitator, consultant, psychotherapist and healing justice practitioner with more than 20 years of experience working at the intersections of movements for racial, gender, economic, trans & queer justice. Erica is a co-editor of the anthology ‘Healing Justice Lineages: Dreaming at the Crossroads of Liberation, Collective Care and Safety’ (North Atlantic Books, 2023) & Founder/Executive Director of the National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network (

In this special episode, Anjali and Erica discuss:

  • Erica’s journey and path into the work, a calling from the ancestors
  • Collective memory regarding the legacy of resistance, roots and lessons for building movements and healing. 
  • Foundational premises of healing justice and the abolitionist approach to justice
  • The meaning of healing
  • Learning from the mistakes of our movement ancestors
  • Misconceptions that people have about healing justice work
  • The integrality of dissent
  • How we can prevent the values of dominant culture, for example, capitalism or hyper individualism from seeping into movement work
  • Practices of care

Connect with Erica on his website or on Instagram @ebmore1 @nqttcn @hjlineages

You can order the Healing Justice Lineages Book HERE!

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