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Finding the Center with Anjali Rao

Season #4

"Asking questions is renouncing a bloated sense of one’s ego, is an exercise in humility, not as an end in itself but as a springboard for authentic and skillful responses."

In the last episode of 2023, Anjali shares about 5 lessons from the first chapter of the Bhagavad Gita: 

  • The power and the essentiality of an intentional pause
  • Talk to a friend/Listen to a friend: Connection and relationships are important for collective liberation
  • Asking questions is important for skillful action
  • Finding the Center doesn't mean neutrality
  • Staying engaged in the seeking of your role. The seeking is the practice

She also shares a brief background of Mahabharata and the Gita, the relevance of the first chapter during these times, and an invitation for reflection from five lessons from the First chapter. 

"To ask questions is to be hopeful, honest and true.

What can be more vulnerable than saying I don’t know?
What can be more trusting than saying, can you help me?
What can be more loving than offering a listening ear?
What can be more courageous than saying, why am I doing this?
What can be more important than saying why am I not doing this?

This is the last episode of The Love of Yoga podcast for 2023 in which I share some teachings from my favorite chapter, perhaps the most moving one, the first chapter of the Gita, Vishada Yoga." –– Anjali

Interested in learning from Anjali Rao? Connect with her on Instagram and be sure to checkout her Upcoming Course: Lighting Up the Path: A Critical Insight into Yoga, Religion, Caste & Race


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