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Are We Free Yet? with Tina Strawn

Season #4

"What are some of the things that you do every day to kind of keep yourself grounded or receptive? Open?... I love this question. I'm going to give you three things that I do every day. One is my meditation practice, coming to stillness every day, coming to my breath, and turning inward."

Tina Strawn (she/they) is a joy and liberation advocate, racial and social justice activist, author of "Are We Free Yet? The Black, Queer Guide to Divorcing America." Tina is also the owner and host of the Speaking of Racism podcast and she is the co-founder of Here4TheKids and abolitionist movement to ban guns and fossil fuels. The heart of Tina's work is founding and leading Legacy Trips, immersive, 3-day antiracism weekends where participants visit historical locations such as Montgomery and Selma, AL, and utilize spiritual practices and other mindfulness based resources as tools to affect personal and collective change.

Tina has three adult children, an ex-husband, an ex-wife, and an ex-country. She has been a full-time minimalist nomad since February 2020 and currently lives in Costa Rica. Tina travels the globe speaking, writing, teaching, and exploring where on the planet she can feel safe and free in her queer, Black, woman-identifying body.

In this conversation Tina and Anjali discuss:

  • Tina’s path in Yoga and experiences as a Yoga practitioner/teacher
  • The story of  Legacy Trips and the excavations from these journeys
  • Her book Are we Free Yet, The Black Queer Guide to Divorcing America
  • Unfolding of grief and healing on multiple levels and holding the complexities of power and privilege
  • Here4TheKids is an abolitionist movement to ban guns, and the roadblocks that we face in this country from a cultural perspective 
  • Tina’s practices of care during turbulent times to remain open and receptive

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