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Scattered Goddesses: History as a Teacher with Dr. Padma Kaimal

Season #4

One of the objectives of this podcast is to shine a light on the work of compelling scholars, offer a multi-disciplinary approach to Yoga, and connect it to everyday Yoga practitioners. 

Yoga history is vast and multi-dimensional, and can be intimidating for many. As a subject of study, it's barely given any space or thought outside of the academic realm. And yet there is an overwhelming need for many to know more and to contextualize the teachings of Yoga. 

In this week's episode with Dr. Padma Kaimal, someone who has researched and published about a very specific subject in history, the stories behind the 10th century Tantra Yogini sculptures of South India.

Dr. Padma Kaimal’s book, Scattered Goddesses, traces the journeys of 10th century Tantra Kanchi Yoginis, their birth homes in ancient South India, through colonization to their present homes in twelve separate museums in North America, Western Europe, and South India.

In this conversation, we discuss:

  • Unpacking a non-binary approach to history. 
  • How “seeing connections and interdependencies rather than polarities and oppositions” help shed light on the various conflicts in our world now. 
  • How we can hold the tension of appropriation and misrepresentation of colonized cultures along with fostering narratives of inter-dependency.
  • Unearthing non-patriarchal narratives in Yoga. 
  • Whether museums are the problem, the solution, or both, to fights over cultural property.

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