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Getting Visible with Riss Giammalva

Season #4

Marketing doesn’t have to be spooky, and visibility as a yoga teacher or entrepreneur doesn’t require “perfection.” This conversation with Riss Giammalva explores all of this and more.

Riss is a storyteller, communications and marketing specialist, joyful movement enthusiast, and future skeleton living on land stolen from Peoria, Anishinabewaki, and Waawiyatanong peoples, now known as Detroit-ish, Michigan. In the digital management realm, Riss works to support folks in confidently communicating their ideas and aspirations on a grand scale, visually, verbally, and creatively through inclusive and diverse content creation and marketing management strategies. In the movement and wellness space, Riss assists those who do not typically ‘fit the mold’ find joy in moving their bodies, by reminding them that movement does not have to be spooky. With specific interest and focus on supporting larger-bodied, queer, trans, neurodivergent, and disabled populations, Riss believes in people over power and patriarchy, in building relationships rather than transactions, in inclusion, accessibility, mental health and collective liberation, and they believe, whole-heartedly, in authenticity, amplifying marginalized voices, and creating kick-ass supportive communities. 

In this conversation, Riss and Tristan discuss:

  • How Riss came to yoga, what their initial foray into a social media presence looked like, and how both yoga and social media were key parts of their healing journey
  • The fact that showing up and putting yourself “out there” on the internet doesn’t get any less spooky over time
  • The role of storytelling in marketing and visibility and how narratives related to internalized oppression might impact one’s relationship to being visibile
  • The value of authenticity over perfection and relationships over transactions
  • …and more

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