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10. Here 4 the Kids: A Conversation with Saira Rao

Season #4

Saira Rao is an activist, producer of the provocative documentary, Deconstructing Karen, co- author of White Women: Everything You Already Know about Your Own Racism and How to Do Better, and host of radically honest conversations at Race2Dinner. Since our last conversation on this podcast, Saira has embarked on a new movement effort, called Here 4 the Kids, to push “unexplored and unprecedented action to end gun violence”.

During this conversation, Saira and Anjali discuss:

• Saira and Regina’s experiences of hosting sold-out events all over the country at Race2 Dinner conversations

• Gun violence is the number one cause of deaths for children in the United States. How we move past the political gridlock

• How dominant culture is complicit in suppressing efforts to end gun violence

• What Here 4 the Kids is

• How listeners who want to be a part of this movement can join in

• Join the Denver June 5th Here 4 the Kids sit-in! It's history in the making!

Check out and follow them on Instagram to learn more about how you can get involved with Here 4 the Kids today! You can follow Saira on Instagram and keep up with everything she’s up to here. Thank you, Saira, for this incredible and timely conversation!

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