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07. Manifestation of Caste: Naming the Invisible with Prachi Patankar

Season #4

Born and raised in rural India, Prachi Patankar was raised by a freedom-fighter grandmother and parents deeply involved in anti-caste, feminist, and peasant movements. Over two decades in New York City, she has been an activist, educator, grantmaker, and writer involved in social movements which link the local and the global, police brutality and war, migration and militarization, race and caste, women of color feminism and global gender justice. Through her work, Prachi has been involved in innovative projects to link social justice movements between the United States and the Global South.

In this episode, Anjali and Prachi discuss:

• Prachi’s background growing up in rural India and how that informs her work and life now

• How caste system as the oldest system of social stratification and the most insidious has been institutionalized

• The manifestation of caste in the diaspora

• The inroads of caste abolitionists into some institutions

• Ways in which we can be allies and in solidarity with the movement

• Prachi’s thoughts regarding the intersection of caste and Yoga

• Prachi’s non-negotiables of self care

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