06. The Audacity of Being with rüdrāksh chand and Tristan Katz

Season #4

rüdrāksh chand is an organizer, anti-carceral practitioner of abolition, lifelong student of Yoga, an artist at large.

Tristan Katz is a trans-queer equity inclusion facilitator and consultant/teacher/space holder, and creator of courses on Conscious Marketing. They are also on the Board of Accessible Yoga and are working on their first book!

In this episode Anjali, rüdrāksh, and Tristan discuss:

• rüdrāksh and Tristan’s introductions into the teachings and practice of Yoga

• The ways in which the Dominant culture manifests in Yoga spaces, especially for gender non-conforming practitioners.

• Holding the tension between the performativity and the necessity of TDOV and other days/ months of celebration

• Commodification of yoga and social justice programs 

•Allyship is a verb as you say, in the context of the attack on trans rights, ways  to be in solidarity with the trans community

• Mutual aid as an ongoing practice of solidarity