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03. Black Spirituality in Justice Movements with Ash Williams

Season #4

Ash Williams is an anti-carceral and reproductive justice organizer. He received his BA in Philosophy from UNC Charlotte in 2015 and his MA in Ethics and Applied Philosophy from UNC Charlotte in 2016. For the last five years, Ash has been vigorously fighting to expand abortion access by funding abortions and training other people to become abortion doulas.

In this episode, Ash and Anjali discuss:

• How Black queer and trans folks have been and are at the frontlines of justice and liberatory movements

• Abortion and the medical industrial complex

• Decolonizing birth and learning from reproductive justice history

• How we can refuse binaries

• How each of us can disrupt and heal from carceral logic and lean into Abolition

• Building solidarity across movements: How can we show up as allies?

Connect with Ash on Instagram @ashwilliamclt

• Donate to your local abortion fund.
• Seek out your local abortion doula collective to find out how you can support them.

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