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02. Belonging, Cultural Appropriation, & Tibetan Buddhism

Season #4

Chemi Lhamo is a community organizer and a human rights activist. She served as the Community Health Lead at Parkdale People’s Economy and on the Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust’s board. She is recognized in Maclean’s Top 50 Power List and as the Toronto Urban Hero for Social Issues for 2022. Formerly the CEO/President among many other roles at the University of Toronto Scarborough Student’s Union, she has served the board of Canadian Tibetan Association of Ontario and Students For a Free Tibet Canada.

In this episode, Anjali and Chemi discuss:

  • Chemi’s work on Free Tibet as well as community organizing in Toronto
  • How we cultivate a sense of belonging in our communities
  • Tibet's human rights struggles
  • A snapshot of the contributions that Tibet has made in the world of Yoga, including Tibetan Buddhism, mindfulness, centering community
  • How Tibetan Buddhism is appropriated by western practitioners
  • How we can show up as allies
  • Staying centered in the midst of so much suffering

Connect with Chemi on Instagram @chemilhamoooo 

Call to action: Sign the petition (here) for Thermo Fisher CEO Marc Casper to stop collecting of DNA from Tibetans.