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066. The Audacity of Hope for Yoga

Season #3

Tejal Patel is a first-generation Indian American yoga teacher, writer, podcaster, and community organizer.

She advocates for yoga through a social justice lens and educates and empowers individuals and groups around the world to do the same.

She accomplishes this with the Tejal Yoga online studio, the abcdyogi global community, and the Yoga is Dead Podcast.

In this live episode, Jivana and Tejal discuss:

  • The Yoga is Dead podcast
  • How to go from having a concern or awareness and turning it into action
  • The importance of service in yoga
  • Taking yoga off your mat
  • Yoga and politics
  • Tejal's opening Accessible Yoga Conference keynote - "The Audacity of Hope for Yoga"

Connect with Tejal: @tejalyoga

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