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063. Community & Innovation in Yoga - Podcast Season 2 Recap & What’s Next

Season #2

In this Season 2 finale, Amber and Jivana discuss:

  • Their lives and current challenges
  • How our activism and practice is showing up for us in this moment
  • Amber’s bike reels on instagram
  • Themes from Season 2:
  • Community Care/Sharing Power/Community Collaboration
    • Shift from top down teaching to community led
    • Jivana’s remixes on instagram
    • The current contemporary yoga world is complex, shifting to local
    • Not getting caught up in a binary of “advanced” vs gentle
    • How Accessible Yoga is often misused to make us fit in rather than to celebrate our differences and individuality
    • Encouraging students to find individuality in community
    • Marginalized folks are some of our greatest innovators
    • Your difference is your superpower
  • Safety and inclusion in yoga
  • Be sure to visit past episodes with our amazing guests like: Matthew Sanford, Nischala Devi, Michelle Cassandra Johnson, Octavia Raheem, Jacoby Ballard, Marlysa Sullivan, Reggie Hubbard

What Accessible Yoga Association is up to:

  • New online Accessible Yoga Community, ambassadors get first access (join here)
  • Accessible Yoga Community Studio - online studio where people can study with teacher leaders from the AY community, dedicated AY content
  • Conference coming up, Moving from Me to We, October 14-16
  • Pre-conference intensive on Increasing Accessibility - Matthew Sanford, Natalie Tabilo, Ryan McGraw, Donna Noble, and Jivana
  • Upcoming monthly themes: August: Yoga & Environmental Justice, September: Yoga & Cancer
  • Amber’s term as President of AYA’s board of directors is up, Anjali Rao stepping up as our new president