062. Yoga & Pelvic Health with Shannon Crow

Season #2

Shannon Crow is the host of The Connected Yoga Teacher podcast and a consultant for yoga teachers. She shares what she has learned (and continues to learn) as a yoga entrepreneur. She’s also the founder of Pelvic Health Professionals. 

Shannon is passionate about this work so that yoga teachers have more time and energy to share the yoga that lights them up.

She became a yoga teacher in 2006 and continues to teach weekly group and private classes in Owen Sound, Ontario, with a specialty in Yoga for Pelvic Health.

Shannon is dedicated to helping yoga teachers define their niche and thrive at marketing. She thrives in a community that is playful, diverse, and supportive. This is what inspired her to create The Connected Yoga Teacher Facebook group.

Shannon offers in person and online teacher training. She is the co-founder of the MamaNurture Prenatal Yoga School and developed the Yoga for Pelvic Health Teacher Training.

Connect with Shannon on her website, at https://pelvichealthprofessionals.com/, or on Instagram @theconnectedyogateacher.

In this episode, Jivana and Shannon discuss:

  • Supporting and connecting yoga teachers
  • Learning in public
  • Being in the mess as a way to evolve as a practitioner and teacher
  • How Pelvic Health Professionals evolved
  • Cisgender men and pelvic health
  • Yoga and gender 
  • the Pelvic floor                          
  • Trauma informed teaching and anatomical language
  • Pelvic health awareness in yoga classes
  • Fear-based language vs. clear contraindications
  • How to teach with this information
  • What does “engage the pelvic floor” “engage the core” mean?
  • Weak vs relaxed pelvic floor
  • What is the core?
  • More subtle is more advanced
  • Shannon also offers a discount code for Pelvic Health Professionals!