057. Trauma & Yoga with Nityda Gessel

Season #2

Content warning: disordered eating, sexual trauma

Nityda Gessel (she/her), LCSW, E-RYT, is a mother, licensed somatic psychotherapist, trauma specialist, yoga educator, speaker, author, and heart-centered activist, residing on the unceded land of the Chesepian people, commonly known as Virginia Beach, VA. Nityda has devoted her life to uplifting others, working at the intersection of Eastern spirituality, holistic mental health, and embodied activism. She is the founder of the Trauma-Conscious Yoga Institute, creator of The Trauma-Conscious Yoga Method®, and author of forthcoming Norton book on trauma healing and embodied spirituality.

In this episode, Jivana and Nityda discuss:

  • Her background as a ballet dancer
  • Trauma from being in the dance world
  • How she experienced sexual trauma and started yoga to heal
  • How she integrates yoga as a therapist
  • What she teaches yoga teachers about trauma and their scope of practice
  • People pleasing
  • Yoga as a pathway to liberation
  • Abuse in yoga, and we often are taught to teach in an authoritative way
  • Benefits of trauma conscious yoga
  • Yoga as a spiritual practice - but we lose connection. Trauma healing is also about remembering our truth
  • Systemic trauma intersecting with acute trauma
  • Neuro-biological trauma healing through yoga
  • How do we teach in a trauma conscious way
  • Doing your own work first
  • Not being performative. What do the people in front of you need right now?

Connect with Nityda on her website and on Instagram @trauma_conscious_yoga_method

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