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056. Yoga Teaching as a Practice

Season #2

In episode 56, Jivana and Amber discuss practical ways we can embody the yoga teachings’ concepts in the way that we teach. They explore three themes from the yoga teachings (atman, non-attachment, and brahmacharya) and discuss how we can shift our teaching methodology to model these concepts for our students, making them more relevant to their real lives.

In this episode...

  • Amber & Jivana discuss the concept of atman and how we can do more to recognize each students inherent wholeness
  • We are not here to fix or change our students
  • How to create agency in students and encourage them to listen to themselves
  • Using interoception and self-sensing tools to encourage students’ internal guidance
  • How the concept of non-attachment can help us be of service in a more clear way
  • Checking our ego around students doing something different than what we cue
  • Not being attached to students’ health outcomes or practice improvements
  • Recognizing individual students own their practice
  • Shifts in language that help students choose what is best for themselves
  • How to apply brahmacharya to our teaching practice
  • Setting appropriate boundaries with students
  • Scope of practice and ethics in teaching
  • Staying in right relationship with our students
  • Creating a personal code of ethics and scope of practice