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051. Navigating Grief & Loss

Season #2

Content warning: this episode contains discussion of death and grief.

In episode 51, Amber and Jivana talk about how they are each navigating grief and loss in their personal and professional lives. We’ll discuss tools that help us from humor to therapy to our yoga practice. We talk about how concepts from yoga philosophy have helped us reduce suffering and embrace the nature of life as it really is. Amber leads us in a simple movement practice that can be done from a chair. And finally, Jivana reads a short excerpt on grief from his book Yoga Revolution, then leads us in a meditation. 

In this episode...

  • Amber & Jivana check in and catch up
  • We highlight some of the Accessible Yoga programming for the month of February
  • We share some of our favorite resources for navigating grief and caring for our hearts and minds
  • Amber shares how humor helps her cope with grief and loss
  • Jivana reminds us not to judge our “trauma responses” as inherently negative, since sometimes they’re survival tools
  • We discuss how sometimes patterns that have served us when we were younger aren’t needed anymore and how therapy has helped each of them
  • We talk about how picking the right folks for your support system can make a big difference
  • We discuss how the yoga practice helps us stay grounded through grief and loss, and actually embrace life as it is
  • Amber leads a short movement practice that can be done in a chair
  • Jivana reads an excerpt from his book Yoga Revolution and leads us in a short meditation