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041. Community and Collaboration

Season #2

In episode 41, Amber and Jivana discuss community building and collaboration. As we gear up for the upcoming Accessible Yoga Conference, community is on our mind. In this episode we’ll talk a little bit about our history with community building including Amber’s time in the hardcore punk scene and Jivana’s AIDS activism. We talk about the “how” of collaboration, things to think about when joining a community, and discuss the benefits and challenges of being in community with others. We’ll also talk about why it’s crucial for community builders to unlearn cultural conditioning and examine unconscious bias. 

In Episode 41:

  • Amber and Jivana each share about their history with community building, including Amber’s time in the hardcore punk scene and Jivana’s AIDS activism 
  • Jivana talks about how the Accessible Yoga Conference was born
  • What “Jivana’s homework” is and why everyone should do it, even if you’re not at the conference
  • The “how” of collaboration - how to reach out or make a request to someone you’d like to collaborate with
  • Why community is about contribution and mutual support and what questions to ask yourself when you’re trying to fit in
  • Using discernment when joining a community 
  • Challenges of being within community community - normalizing abuse or unhealthy dynamics, requires perspective, discernment, and information gathering
  • How Jivana got started building community with yoga and what keeps students coming back
  • What the Accessible Yoga Ambassador program is and how you can get involved
  • Looking at our unconscious bias as community builders and showing up as an ally in community space
  • How mistakes are actually an opportunity for growth

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