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040. We’re Back: What We’ve Been Up To & Where We’re Going

Season #2

In episode 40, we’re back! Amber and Jivana catch up about what they’ve been doing while the podcast has been on break and update you with all the latest of what’s to come. We’ll discuss what Accessible Yoga Association is up to, plus give you a sneak preview of the upcoming Accessible Yoga Conference Online. 

In this episode...

  • Amber & Jivana check in and catch up about the time we’ve been away
  • We discuss some changes to the podcast: it is now part of Accessible Yoga Association’s monthly programming
  • Topic of the podcast correlates to our theme in our monthly programming, for September the theme is Cultural Appropriation in Yoga, October is Conference, November is Yoga in Prisons, December is Yoga for Pain Care. 
  • What the nonprofit has been up to, plus a big thank you to our board and staff
  • All about our Ambassador program, plus a chance to be featured on the podcast
  • We are planning to release episodes twice a month, subscribe wherever you get your podcast
  • Jivana shares about the upcoming Accessible Yoga Conference
  • We’ll hear from some of our Ambassadors about their Conference experiences or aspirations