018. Run Forward Towards Discomfort Enthusiastically

Season #1 Episode #18

In Episode 18 Amber Karnes sits down to chat with Kimberly Dark, a writer, professor and teacher who works to reveal the hidden architecture of everyday life so that we can reclaim our power as social creators. Amber and Kimberly talk about the bias present in us all and how to begin unpacking the biases we hold that do harm, especially in regards to bodies and their variations.  Kimberly shares the importance of being open to discomfort as a gateway to embodied learning and culture shifting. Kimberly also talks richly about the ways we can honor our lived experiences and the fullness of who we are. This candid conversation between Amber and Kimberley invites us all to lean heavily into our own discomfort in the service of creating a better world. 


This week hear more about:


  • How Amber and Kimberly met at a retreat Kimberly offers
  • The importance of learning to accept the presence of bias 
  • The power of unpacking the cultural biases that dehumanize us all
  • How healing spaces can ignore the intersections of identity, bias and accessibility
  • The importance of unpacking the systems of oppression in our lived experiences
  • How to navigate call-ins and critiques of our work with self study and clarity
  • The invitations available in Kimberly’s new book “Fat, Pretty and Soon To Be Old” 
  • How we as teachers can learn from the students who show up in our classes
  • How social change happens over time and not in one moment
  • How the idea of resilience has been commodified and warped
  • How we model humanity for others, like our children and the importance of honoring all of who we are and what we experience
  • Exploring the question “How do you rest?”