019. Tiny Bits of Joy

Season #1 Episode #19

In Episode 19 Amber Karnes sits down with Pamela Stokes-Eggleston. Pamela is a published author, stress management consultant, wellness resilience expert, national speaker, and sleep wellness coach. She founded Yoga2Sleep due to her challenges with insomnia and secondary post-traumatic stress. Pamela goes into deep detail about how her own life experiences led her to focus on the connections between yoga, sleep, and supporting veterans and their families. Pamela shares about the importance of tapping into what she calls “tiny bits of joy.” Join Amber and Pamela for this conversation that invites us to each use this practice to serve others. 


This week we explore:


  • How Pamela created Yoga 2 Sleep and came to this work from her own experience with sleep disorders
  • The importance of sleep for our overall wellness and ability to navigate stress
  • How common it is for folks to navigate sleep disorders
  • How Pamela came to focus on working with veterans
  • How Pamela’s experience as a military spouse brought her back to her yoga practice and led to her being a teacher
  • How Pamela saw yoga serving veterans and their families 
  • How working with veterans taught Pamela about the needs of caregivers and families of wounded veterans
  • How we can build small practices into our daily lives to support our stress and responsibilities
  • How this practice holds the space to embody resilience and strength in a sustainable way
  • The question, “What are you prepared to do?”