021. Empowering Students Through Mentorship

Season #1 Episode #21

In Episode 21 Amber Karnes welcomes Francesca Cervero, private yoga teacher and teacher’s mentor. Francesca gives insight into how she built her career and offerings as a teacher and mentor. Amber and Francesca discuss the ways we build trust, depth and understanding for ourselves and our students on the journey of self discovery using the tools of this practice. This conversation holds space for us to examine the ways teachers can empower and educate our students in group and private yoga and wellness spaces. 

This week we explore:


  • How Francesca grew her teaching practice and business
  • How Francesca started mentoring other teachers
  • How Francesa created her podcast 
  • How students and teachers can benefit from ongoing private sessions
  • How supporting students can expand our perspectives as teachers
  • How to build a supportive teaching practice to best serve your students
  • How to build a trusting bond with students
  • The importance of inquiry vs aesthetics in teaching physical posture 
  • How to re-imagine progress for ourselves and our students 
  • How to empower and educate students beyond the physical accomplishments often attached to this practice in current yoga culture. 
  • The importance of observing students during practice, instead of practicing alongside them 
  • How Francesca shifted to virtual teaching in response to COVID-19 and how it has impacted/shifted her offerings