025. Real Stories from The Accessible Yoga Training Online

Season #1 Episode #25

In Episode 25, Jivana Heyman sits down with four Accessible Yoga teachers to talk about the Accessible Yoga Training, how the training impacted their teaching, and how they are carrying the mission of Accessible Yoga into their work. Natasha Williams-Chaoua, Sarah Nuttridge, Marc Settembrino and Jacquie “Sunny" Barbee each share where they are located, about the work they do, the communities they serve and how taking this training transformed their perspectives of the practice. This conversation gives insight to the benefits of joining our Accessible Yoga Teacher Training as well as some possibilities you might sense for yourself if you further accessibility in your teaching practice. 

This week hear more about:


  • How the training shifted their perspectives as a yoga teachers and yoga students
  • How they each came to find the teachings of Accessible Yoga 
  • How to incorporate props into our teaching 
  • Tips for making your classes/offerings more accessible
  • How teaching Accessible Yoga has transformed and inspired them
  • Their collective hopes for more and more teachers to take the Accessible Yoga Training