026. It Is Time For a Reinterpretation

Season #1 Episode #26

In Episode 26, Jivana Heyman sits down with Justin Micheal Williams, an author, transformational speaker, and top-20 recording artist who has become a pioneering voice for diversity and inclusion in wellness. Justin Michael immediately opens up and shares about navigating a tough upbringing, self doubt and following his dreams. Justin Michael also talks about meditation as a practice that frees us to feel all of our feelings and emotions. This conversation offers fresh perspectives about meditation and its place in our personal practices, wellness spaces and social justice movements. As a special treat Justin wraps this conversation by offering a guided meditation for us all to enjoy. 


This week hear more about:


  • How Justin’s upbringing and childhood create a pattern of overachieving
  • How a moment in his dorm room led him to stop looking for fulfillment and happiness outside of himself
  • How navigating the death of his grandmother opened him to following his dreams
  • How we can think about our purpose vs career
  • How perfectionism shows up harmfully in wellness spaces
  • How oppression shows up in wellness spaces
  • The importance of decolonizing our wellness practices
  • The importance of releasing certain misconceptions about meditation
  • The importance of developing practices that allow us to sit with all of our feelings and emotions
  • How meditation can support post traumatic growth