027. Race & Equity

Season #1 Episode #27

In Episode 27, Amber Karnes and Jivana Heyman sit down a few days after the attack on the US Capitol to dig into a personal conversation about race and the role they play in upholding white supremacy. They both share how the current events and political climate has impacted them and allowed them to do self study and tune into necessary self care. Amber and Jivana each talk about the importance of investigating how we are each upholding systems of oppression. This intimate conversation is an invitation to be mobilized towards action that supports a sustainable change. 

This week hear more about:


  • How the attack on the US Capitol impacted Jivana and Amber
  • How Amber centers care of self to ground and fortify
  • The importance of being intentional with our media consumption
  • The difference they noticed in how peaceful protesters have been treated at the US Capitol in contrast to what unfolded during the attack on the Capitol
  • How Jivana was arrested while protesting at the US Capitol in the 90s
  • Tools for grounding when anxiety, stress and sadness follow current events
  • How support for Q’Anon within yoga communities is harmful 
  • The importance for white people to have uncomfortable conversations about race and injustice
  • The importance of leaning out of guilt and centering action
  • The importance of supporting the folks and organizations already doing the work instead of trying to lead change
  • The importance of looking at your own daily life, community and practices to understand the power and privilege you might hold