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030. Re-Imaging Our Work

Season #1 Episode #30

Episode 30: Re-Imaging Our Work 

In Episode 30 Amber Karnes talks with Kelley Palmer. Kelley is a writer, creative, advocate, and yoga teacher who focuses on the service of making wellness spaces equitable, accessible, sustainable, and safe for Black, Indigenous and people of color. In this episode, Kelley and I talk about orienting ourselves toward race equity work in our current moment. We talk about what can happen when we use our imagination to creatively solve problems together, rather than getting stuck in guilt, inaction, or a sense of “it’s always been that way and is impossible to change.” We also talk about developing resilience for staying with the discomfort that conversations about race and equity can bring up. Finally, we chat about Kelley’s upcoming course, Race & Equity in Yoga, and let folks know what they can expect if they join.

This week hear more about:

  • How Kelley developed her upcoming course, Race & Equity: Disruption As A Practice 
  • How the demand for Kelley’s work has shifted in the last 12 months 
  • How Kelley is feeling about her work, the current moment and our ongoing responsibility
  • The importance of understanding the legacy of oppression that has benefited some and made it unsafe for some to exist
  • The importance of knowing we can feel more than one thing at a time
  • How the word unity is being co-opted in this moment
  • How we can reclaim our imagination when thinking about social justice action and solutions
  • How Kelley is shifting to honor what feels like the best use of her energy
  • What to expect in Kelley’s upcoming course, Race & Equity: Disruption As A Practice