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032. From Guru To #MeToo

Season #1 Episode #32

In Episode 32, Jivana Heyman sits down with Theo Wildcroft. Theo Wildcroft, PhD is a teacher, trainer, writer and scholar working for a more sustainable relationship between our many selves, the communities that hold us, and the world that nourishes us. Her research considers the democratization of yoga and the many different ways yoga communities are responding to concerns about safety in practice. In this episode, Jivana and Theo discuss post lineage yoga, the backlash against her work, and her new book, Post-lineage Yoga – From Guru to #MeToo

This week we explore:

  • A deeper understanding of post lineage yoga
  • How Theo decided to do the research and work she is doing
  • How Theo has navigated backlash for the work she is doing
  • How we can share power within our spaces and classes
  • The importance of empowering students from the beginning 
  • The importance of learning outside of formal structures
  • How Theo does her research