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039. The Connection Between Yoga & Activism

Season #1 Episode #39

In Episode 39 of the Accessible Yoga Podcast, Amber Karnes sits down with Anjali Rao to discuss the connection between yoga and activism. Anjali Rao is a yoga teacher, social justice activist, multi-cultural training specialist, and a cancer survivor. She is an Indian American immigrant from Bangalore, India. Her work explores yoga philosophy and history integrating marginalized voices using storytelling, imagery and poetry. In this interview, Amber and Anjali discuss the history of activism in yoga, including how yoga philosophy and social justice are connected. For folks who are hesitant to step into the space of activism or call themselves an activist, this interview is for you. Anjali addresses the role of the activist and discusses how we can build capacity for resilience using our practice. Finally, she discusses her new course with the Accessible Yoga Training School, Yoga & Activism: A Blueprint for Collective Transformation, which is open for enrollment now!

In this episode:

  • Anjali introduces herself and talks about her work in the world
  • How are yoga and activism connected historically? What is the lineage of yoga and activism?
  • Yoga Is a container of practices, thoughts, concepts which can build capacity & resilience for activism
  • Yoga helps us be aligned with our deepest dharma
  • Yoga is about expansion of consciousness: what are you using your expanded consciousness to accomplish?
  • How your social location is connected to your dharma
  • Who is an activist? What “counts” as activism?
  • How perfectionism and black-and-white thinking hold us back
  • Rituals and practices that can anchor us in our purpose
  • The importance of community for activists
  • Anjali’s course, Yoga & Activism: A Blueprint for Collective Transformation, which is open for enrollment through June 19
  • A call to action for all of us

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