February 2022 Ambassador Spotlight: Sally Denton

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Every month we feature an Accessible Yoga Ambassador who is doing incredible work in their community. Are you a current Ambassador who'd like to be featured? Nominate yourself!

Sally Denton (she/her)
, our Ambassador Spotlight for February 2022, identifies as a white, non-disabled, middle class, older woman of American citizenship, living in St. Louis, Missouri.

Sally retired from working as a psychotherapist after 30 years, having spent the last 12 with the army. Completely burnt out with the work, she found the Chopra Center and became certified to teach meditation, and later yoga. Sally studied under Deepak Chopra for 12 years. After retirement, she volunteered to teach an accessible class at the VA and found the Accessible Yoga training. It changed her life. Sally began teaching an ongoing Accessible Yoga class and learned to build a community of Accessible Yoga practitioners within a traditional studio. She teaches wellness, Accessible Yoga, and meditation for groups, yoga teachers, and individuals. She is also in the process of writing a memoir of her childhood years.


We asked Sally...

What does Accessible Yoga mean to you?

"Accessible Yoga is about sharing the ancient teachings of yoga in an inclusive and welcoming way, with an emphasis on underserved populations. I focus on building community within the group I teach and use collaboration and creativity to adapt and make the poses available to all. Accessible Yoga is about teaching the inner work as well as the poses." 

How did you get started with Accessible Yoga?

"I was volunteering at the VA in St Louis, and I was invited to take the training. One of my greatest joys is introducing Accessible Yoga to younger yoga teachers and teacher trainees."

Please share about your work and the populations you currently serve.

"I offer Accessible Yoga to all, but primarily serve aging women with physical challenges. I also serve younger folks [who use] wheelchairs, and many young yoga teachers join my class to learn. I find the variety creates a great understanding and support among the group."

Connect with Sally via her website or Facebook.


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