Apply for an Ambassador Scholarship 


The Accessible Yoga Ambassador Program was built in an effort to create a community of support for our Ambassadors, as well as to generate financial sustainability for Accessible Yoga. Accessible Yoga relies on this support to continue its service and daily operation.

However, we understand a monthly or annual contribution may be difficult for some, and we wish to extend this program to all who would like to participate. If you are unable to commit to one of the contribution levels above but would still like to join our network of Ambassadors, you’re invited to apply for a full or partial scholarship. Scholarship recipients still receive all of the benefits of Ambassador-level membership.

Please take a moment to acknowledge the intention of this program and consider your financial status before completing this application.

Scholarship Application

Please complete the following application in order to apply for a scholarship. Make sure to double check that your email is correct prior to submitting.