Accessible Yoga Presents

Sutra Vichara with Anjali Rao

Fridays June 11th - July 23rd, 2021 (7 weeks)

9am-9.30am Pacific  |  12pm-12.30pm Eastern

Replay will be made available for those who cannot attend live. Captions available.

As yoga practitioners, we are seeking meaning and purpose in our lives. Kriya yoga is the path of dynamic action, it is yoga in action. Prakriti, our primordial nature has infinite potential of creativity and joy. Each of us have unique strengths, challenges, qualities and desires. Through our yoga sadhana, we cultivate qualities of discernment, perception, clarity of mind and self-awareness so we can harness our potential to realize our true essence. When we tap into our true nature and purpose, we learn how to locate ourselves in the world around us and act with an intentionality to transform our lives and communities.

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras offers us radical agency in how we can empower ourselves in a non-prescriptive, non-dogmatic way, inviting contemplation as we move and act. As householders, grihastas of different genders and abilities, we live and work in our communities, thus impact and are impacted by the socio-political context, individual circumstances and conditions around us. The Sutras can be a source of wisdom and insight in how we can be, move in and perhaps transform our lives and those around us.

Sutra Vichara is a non-patriarchal approach to studying the sutras, while honoring the insight and heritage of chanting and reflection. It is a 7-week program in which we cultivate vichara, inquiry and explore yoga in action, kriya yoga in context to our lives in the modern world, as individuals, and as a part of the collective. 

Sessions 1-2

June 11 & June 18

We learn about our true nature, the qualities of our mind and perception, the obstacles we may face internally.

Sessions 3-4

June 25 & July 2

We explore practices and approaches to cultivate discernment and enhance our intellect so we can understand our deepest essence and purpose.

Sessions 5-7

July 9, July 16 & July 23

We delve into recommendations for action, transformation and liberation.

Meet The Facilitator

Anjali Rao (she/her)

Anjali is a yoga teacher, social justice activist, multi-cultural training specialist and a cancer survivor. She is an Indian American immigrant from Bangalore, India. Her work explores yoga philosophy and history integrating marginalized voices using story- telling, imagery and poetry.

Anjali teaches intensives integrating social justice and yoga, is a part of teacher training faculty, conducts workshops and is a speaker at wellness conferences. Being diagnosed at 37 for early-stage Breast Cancer, and recovery for multiple surgeries brought her to her first Yoga-Asana class. She knew by the end of the first class that this practice would change her life in big ways.

Her passion is to share this alchemical practice and philosophy with people across ages, genders and abilities.

Anjali serves on the Board for Accessible Yoga. She also serves on the Board of HERS Breast Cancer Foundation, a non-profit that helps survivors and those going through treatment regardless of financial status.


Sutra Vichara Pricing

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